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Originally founded by a group of foreign exchange market professionals, the FXCC directors took the decision to build a first class, five star FX company, based on their extensive experience in the financial markets. The goal was simple; to become the world’s favourite trading broker. From the first day of trading there was a determination to develop a unique, fresh, dynamic approach to retail FX trading and thereafter offer other trading opportunities to trade CFDs, indices and commodities.

FXCC believes success derives from the continual success of our clients; we operate a mandatory STP (straight through processing) module, therefore ensuring that our success is directly relevant to our clients’ success.

We offer a range of opportunities focused towards affiliates, introducing brokers, individual and institutional traders, (trading partners). Our support team is available to assist our affiliate network, IBs and trader partners 24 hours a day and that support is available in many languages. Whatever your questions on the subjects of; rebates, commissions, how the affiliate programme works overall, we’re always available to answer your questions.

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Our mission is to provide all the tools for our clients to become profitable, this will then directly reflect in the revenue you enjoy as an affiliate, IB or trader partner and the continual commissions you enjoy. All trades conducted by the clients you introduce to us are counted towards your rebate, there are no restrictions, once invited into our affiliate network the opportunities are limitless. There are no trade time limits, no trade size limits and no trade distance limits. Rebates are paid in real-time to our partners as your clients’ open and close their trades.

All clients introduced are yours for the length of your relationship with FXCC, as an affiliate, introducing broker or partner trader you’ll always be rebated on your introduced traders’ activity even if the client requests to deal directly with us, once you’ve introduced them. We then simply switch to rebating you from our own funds directly.

Once accepted into our commission programmes, affiliates, introducing brokers and partner traders can access our state-of-the-art web based reporting system for managing and monitoring your clients, including your rebate account balance and details.

Affiliates, IBs and traders can access additional tools such as affiliate marketing materials, historical data, live and demo account registrations. Withdrawal of your commissions couldn’t be easier, you have the ability to withdraw your rebates and commissions any time and in real time.

We invite you to get in touch with us for any further information you may require. Contact Us.